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Locus Solus is performance based installation project based on Raymond Roussel’s novel Locus Solus (Solitary or Unique Place, 1914), in which a scientist fits out his luxurious laboratories in a villa near Paris, each room demonstrating one of the ingenious inventions of his encyclopaedic mind.

Locus Solus represents the spaces and exhibits of a museum of inventions/cabinet of curiosities. The curatorial approach is based on this format in order to imprint the intersections of the visual and performing arts and architecture. The exhibition presents seven different happenings, staged by Sozita Goudouna, which will be rotated at a daily basis in the spaces of the museum.The architectural installation is designed by architect Konstantinos Alivizatos.

Raymond Roussel’s work focuses on the intersection between art and science and has influenced a number of important writers such as Marcel Duchamp, Michel Foucault, Jean Cocteau and many others. This exhibition aims at re-approaching Locus Solus in relation to its impact on these writers and groups as well as contemporary art.

Following its successful presentation at a number of leading European cultural comes to Athens with the participation of a group of international artists: Mat Collishaw, James P. Graham, Martin Sexton, Kostis Velonis, Balint Bolygo, Balasz Kicsiny, David Howells, Ladislav Zajac, Marenka Gabeler, Birgit Deubner, Doukas Kapandais, Alastair Mackie, Margarita Bofiliou, Clio Boboti, Alexandros Mistriotis, Xristina Penna, Simon Tegala, Christina Sgouromiti, Marios Simitis, Myrto Stamboulou, Mary Yacoob, Cressida Koscienski, Flux Factory.

Sound: Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, (Ζither), Mischa Twichin
Film Installation: Werner Nekes
Choreography: Alexandra Waierstall, Evangelia Randou
Performers-dancers: Institute of Important Items (Chloé Louise, Hervé Maillet), ( Camille Louis, Laurie Bellanca), Gabriella Daris, Julieta Kilgelmann, Melia Kreiling, Patricia Apergi, Christos Papadopoulos, Evangelia Randou, Nefeli Skarmea.
Scientific Associate: Jerome Zoidakis
Curatorial Associate: James Putnam Architects: Angeliki Athanasiadou, Aristide Antonas, Zachos Varfis, Lina Dima, Aspasia Kouzoupi, Panos Kouros, Zoe Langi, Dimitra Stamatiou, Yorgis Noukakis, Artemis Papageorgiou.

23/09/2010 – 10/10/2010

Benaki Museum

138 Pireos & Andronikou St.
tel 210 345 3111
fax 210 345 3743

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