Our second “Little Hidden Gems in Athens” visit will amaze you ! When we visited this exhibition to prepare our visit, we were astounded ! We are going to be introduced into the world of “The inventions of the Ancient Greeks” an exhibition at Herakleidon Museum, 16 Herakleidon str. Thission.,

ACCESS by public transport/map

Some words about the exhibition from the museum’s website:
The exhibition “The amazing inventions of the ancient Greeks” presents functional models of some of the most extraordinary ancient Greek inventions, a selection of the exhibits of the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kostas Kotsanas that operates at Katakolon port and Ancient Olympia. These models were constructed after a long and extensive study of ancient Greek, Latin and Arabic literature, information from vase painting and the few relevant archaeological finds.

This exhibition aims to demonstrate that the technology of the ancient Greeks, just before the end of the ancient Greek world, was shockingly similar to the beginning of our modern technology. An important cultural initiative, which promotes Greece internationally as the foundation of Western civilization.

Please apply as soon as possible, because the size of the group is limited to 17 people
by the museum, as the exhibition rooms are quite small.
If there are more than 17 participants, we can form a second group, either the same day right after the first one (will begin approx. at 14:30), or on another date.
In your application email please inform us if you are coming to the taverna after the tour, because they have to know the number of people coming and fix a menu in advance, so all people could be served on time. (it’s a Saturday)
Apply by email: tsitsipi@gmail.com
land line: 210-8077073
cell:         698 8607 866

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