“let us take you out, ’cause we are going, out too”
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Dearest friends and co-travellers on this crazy boat!

We are beginning a new co-operation that is aiming at alleviating the burden of the times and shedding some light on our miserable mood!
Our new partner is a travel specialist, has been writing in travel guides and magazines for many years and will be offering her advice and suggestions to all of you, providing  useful info about trips and excursions, as well as holidays.
The suggestions will include accommodation, restaurants, things to see and do, local products, etc.
We have sought her advice on several occasions so far and we found treasures.
We all keep in mind the financial difficulties of these days, so be sure that all our ideas are tailor-made to your budget, your needs, and your preferences.

5 Responses to ““let us take you out, ’cause we are going, out too””

  1. admin says:

    Dear Giogria
    We will be away from 18 to 22 April, for Easter. Before and after that at your disposal.
    During these days our website will be daily informed on everything that is going on !
    Stay tuned

  2. giorgia says:

    Nice!! contact me too! I have some guests for Pasxa time: will you oorganize something for that period? (thursday-friday-saturday-sunday). One day out of athens or a wal in Athens, maybe? thanks!

  3. It sounds very interesting!

    I would love to participate.

    Please contact me

  4. Ling Jing says:

    Very interesting! I will participate your program!

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