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Leonor Leal was born in 1980 in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain). At the age of 9 she started dancing classical ballet and Spanish ballet wherein she is a degree holder of the Royal Academy as well as the Conservatory of dance in Seville.

After discovering her passion for the flamenco art, she develops a profound knowledge of it, taking masterclasses with great dancers as Manolo Marín, Pilar Ortega, Carmen Montiel, Pepa Coral and the Galván family. After a few years, she returns to Jerez where she studies with Juan Parra, Angelita Gómez, La Chiqui, Mercedes Ruíz, Andrés Peña, Ana María López and María del Mar Moreno.

It was Antonio ‘El Pipa’ however, who gave her her first opportunity to perform at the Theater Villamarta (Jerez) participating in ‘De Cai, El baile’ and ‘Vivencias’.

Afterwards, in 2003 she enters the flamenco company of Andrés Marín dancing in ‘Más allá del Tiempo’ and ‘Asimetrías’ performed at the Flamenco Biennal (2004) in Seville.

Her development as a profesional flamenco dancer increases when she forms part of the ‘Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía’ directed by Cristina Hoyos and her collaboration in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with theater group ‘Los Ulen’.

Nowadays, apart from performing in Sevillian tablaos as  ‘La Casa de la memoria Andalusí’, Leonor Leal collaborates with many flamenco artists, among others ‘El Grilo’, Javier Baron and Ángeles Gabaldón.

Leonor Leal has become a talented flamenco dancer who is in a constant process of development. As a consequence, her personal and intimate style have not been unnoticed to flamenco critics, as was seen in the program ‘Flamencos’ (2007).

In May, her collaboration with ‘El Grilo’ and pianist Mie Matsumura is presented at the theater Lope de Vega  in Sevilla. Afterwards, Leonor will  be travelling to Mont Marsan where she will be performing in ‘Meridiana’ with the company of Javier Barón, and in  August later this summer she will be present, together with Tino van der Sman, on the festival of Berlin.

Furthermore, she is well known as a theacher in many academies and flamencoschools, for example;  the foundation ‘Museo de Baile Flamenco’ from Cristina Hoyos, the ‘Centro de Actividades Flamencas’ from Antonio ‘el Pipa’, the ‘Escuela de Isabél Bayón y Angel Atienza’, ‘Fundación Cristina Heeren’and the ‘Centro Andrés Marín’.

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