Lecture by Giovanni Boccardi (UNESCO/WHC)
Benaki museum Pireos str. |

“Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: Implications for Conservation”

The lecture “Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: Implications for Conservation” is part of a season of open public lectures by distinguished specialists and academics organised by the Initiative for Heritage Conservative, in order to inform the public, scholars and students about current developments in the sector of management, preservation and conservancy of archaeological sites.

In his speech, Giovanni Boccardi will discuss how cultural heritage conservancy must constitute part of a broader approach, that will take into consideration all legitimate factors that affect development (whether social, economic or environmental) in order to achieve an optimal and sustainable mix of management and protection.

In this respect, sustainable cultural heritage is not a heritage which is simply conserved through the passage of time, but a heritage which is preserved in harmony and balance with the current as well as the future needs of a community.

Observing shifting paradigms in approaches to this topic, the speaker proposes a conceptual framework with new methodological tools that will allow experts in the field of heritage management to evaluate the consequences of various conservation strategies.

Friday 17/09/2010

Athens, Greece
Benaki Museum

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