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With pride this year, we would like to present the art works of our fine art class students.
This exhibition will have jewelry, metal sculptures, Venetian masks and decorative art pieces made of papier .,using interesting techniques.
On The day of the exhibition, our teachers will be here to inform you about the new art class schedule that start on 20th of October .

The art classes that are going to start are:
1. Jewelry and metal handling (beginners)
2. Jewelry and metal handling( advanced)
3. decorative art pieces made of papier machee( trash art)
4. Muppet and doll construction
5. Venetian masks creation
6.Introduction to Dress-making -Couture, which we are doing for the first time this year and which will amaze you.

And all these at the best prices in the market!
We are looking forward to seeing you in ‘ EVDOMI AISTHISI, Thursday 9th of October from 5 p.m., to admire and discuss our students ‘art pieces with coffee and cookies
If you would like to try your abilities spending your free time creatively , you can sign in one of our classes that interest you the same day.( all the classes will start from 20th of October)

Why not learn how to sew simple and delicate dresses or to make your own jewelry and give them as gifts, made by your hands and saving money!
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