KYRA SARAKOSTI · The Season of Lent

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She has seven feet and wears a long dress. She has no mouth, no ears and her hands are folded. In her hair she carries a cross. She is made of dough or paper. Who is this mysterious figure? She is called Kyra Sarakosti !


I first met her when my daughter brought her home from Kindergarten a couple of years ago. In her Greek class she had made a Kyra Sarakosti, translated Lady Lent. Traditionally Kyra Sarakosti is crafted on Clean Monday.

Lady Lent has seven feet. They represent the seven weeks of Lent. Each passing week, on each Saturday, children get to break off one foot. This is a great visual way to countdown the weeks until Easter.

After the last foot is cut off, it is tradition to place this foot in a bowl with fruits and nuts and whoever finds it receives a special blessing.


Lady Lent has no mouth. The missing mouth symbolizes fasting. No consumption of meat, dairy products or eggs. She has no ears, this means that she refuses to listen to gossip. Her cross represents the easter religious services in church, her hands are folded for prayer.


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