Kathari Deftera !!

Kali Sarakosti!

artist: Spyros Vassiliou

As we have said before, we always wish  ‘KALO’ something or other, and these days can be no exception to the rule.

This wish means ” Happy Lent”  and it refers to Kathari Deftera( Clean Monday) when we start fasting. Now “fasting” means

very specific food that we eat on that day: seafood, pickles, taramosalata, vegetables, and a special flat bread called “lagana” that bakeries sell only on that day.

The day calls for family outings in the country and the flying of kites. When we were kids we used to make our own kites and compete with other kids in the neighbourhood over whose kite could fly higher, but that’s all over now, baby blue…

So, if the weather allows and if on Kathari Deftera you’re in Athens, go either to your area’s Koulouma feast or go to Filopappos hill near the Acropolis to see the traditional celebration.

PS. Go to the bakery early Monday morning to get your lagana bread, it may be crowded later.

If you want to eat at a tavern, call and make sure they provide Sarakostiana( Lent food).

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