“Katalogia” in direction of Thodoris Ekonomidis
Michael Cacoyannis Foundation |

Production: Theatre Company Kyklos
Duration: 60 minutes
A ceremonial performance of three Greek folk legends,
having sacrifice as common subject.
An act with the participation of puppet,
human being as well as music.



The volkslieds

•The murderess mother
The story of a mother who kills her child because she saw her making love with her lover.

•The bridge of Arta
The sacrifice of the master builder’s beautiful wife in order to settle the bridge safely.

•The villain mother in law
The mother in law who driven by jealousy and envy kills her daughter-in-law.

The texts

Three classic folk songs which are being performed on the basis of the ancient tragedy norms. The specific texts, apart from perfect concentrated little tragedies are also the unique connective bind of neo-Hellenic literature with classic ages.
Another element that characterizes these texts is that they are recordings of oral speech. That means that they are stories who do not belong to an author’s mind, on the contrary, they are born through narration of real events and they shaped into the form of a poem (later they have also been sung) and have been transmitted as word of mouth from generation to generation. They are considered as good examples of literature artworks, able to be performed through the codes of ancient Greek theatre.



The performance

Something classic, as far as the text is concerned, is being chosen and it is going to be presented in contemporary way of deconstruction and theatrical enactment. The basic feature that identifies the particular production is the use of puppet theatre as well as galanty show masks, in order to picture the basic stories, the three poems.
Those techniques offer the possibility to revive complex as well as demanding images, like appearances of unrealistic creatures, crowd scenes, time and space changes and so forth. This way, performers create a world of multiple and parallel images and actions, giving at the same time another point of view to the performance aesthetics.
Before, afterwards as well as within the basic stories, there are comic parts in intermediary form, as well as during the performance audience will have the opportunity to listen to epicedium, polyphonic songs as well as rhythmic improvisations, incident to the plot of the stories.

Directed by: Thodoris Ekonomidis
Assistant Director: Melisa Kotsaki
Music: Thodoris Ekonomidis
Mandoline: Th. Ekonomidis
Guitar: Melisa Kotsaki
Puppet Constraction: Puppet theatre company Karambola (Fevronia Reizidou and Christina Stouraiti)
Perfromers: Dimitra Mitropoulou,
Thodoris Economides,
Ioanna Michala,
Ioanna Piata,
Melissa Kotsaki,
Christina Stouraiti,
Aggeliki Vlassopoulou

 Every Monday & Tuesday from February 28th to March 29th 2011
Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:00

Information αt the Foundation’s Box Office (Piraeus 206, Tavros)

 and over phone 210 3418579

Mon-Fri 11:00 – 14:00

Tickets: At the entrance of MCF coffee | bar | resto, MCF 3rd floor

Contact phone for table reservations 6937 037 040

Hall: MCF coffee | bar | resto, 3rd Floor
Normal €12, Students/ Holders of Unemployment Card (OAED) & Multi – child family card (ASPE) & European Youth Card & persons over 65 years old: €8

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