Karyatides Christmas Bazaar

For more information about the bazaar,  the Penelopean or the Karyatides  contact Jane Bizos at  6979 758 377 or
The Penelopean has served the community for more than 50 years.  The foundation was created by the Daughters of Penelope, Karyatides Chapter 271, a member of the AHEPA family. In the early 50s founding members Helen Tranta and Helen Kanellopoulou embraced the AHEPAN ideal of philanthropy staging socilaite events, organizing lotteries and gathering contributions and donations from both Greece and the US.

And so began the Penelopean.  In the early years, it functioned as a shelter to protect and educate young girls. In the mid-seventies the Penelopean was converted to a day care center for children of working mothers.  More than 3000 children have been enrolled in the center since its inception, taking their first steps and making their first friends.

Today 120 students attend the center from the ages of three months to 5 years old.  Many of the children are from immigrant families.  The Penelopean assists these children and their families to better assimmilate  into Greek culture through their educational experiences.   The foremost AHEPAN ideal is to promote Hellenism.  Through language, food, celebrations, traditions and holidays the teachers help each child to have a better  understanding of Greek society in order to succeed as their education continues through grammar and secondary school.  The Penelopean is administered by the Karyatides organization, making financial contributions and ensuring its good functioning.

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