Kaoru Kakizakai
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Serving as a counterpoint to the appearance of the Ensemble Intégrales in the “Traditions and Contemporary Idioms” cycle, this concert spotlights aspects of the main Japanese musical traditions. The shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute with close links to Zen Buddhism and a history which extends back to the Mediaeval period and beyond, has in the 20th century enchanted a number of Japanese composers and found a place in contemporary Japanese music. This concert of the shakuhachi virtuoso Kaoru Kakizakai will embrace both the traditional repertoire and representative samples of contemporary compositions

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虚空 Koku  (traditional)
打波 Daha (traditional)
産安 San’an (traditional)
手向 Tamuke (traditional)
鹿の遠音 Shika no Tone (traditional)
鶴の巣籠り Tsuru no Sugomori (traditional)
桔梗幻想曲 Kikyo Gensoukyoku (Rando Fukuda)
旅人の唄 Tabibito no Uta (Rando Fukuda)
竹籟五章 Chikurai Gosho (Makoto Moroi)
魔切り Makiri (Katsuya Yokoyama)
片足鳥居の映像 Kataashi Torii no Eizou (Toshinao Sato)
山越 (traditional)

2012, March 23

21:00 Upper Stage


107-109 Syngrou Avenue, 11745 Athens, Greece
Information/Tickets: 210 900 5 800,
Administration: 213 0 178000


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