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It’s no secret that New Orleans is known the world over for her abundance of musical talent. When one thinks of New Orleans, jazz and rhythm and blues automatically come to mind. At the forefront of those styles, however, is the foundation of it all, and that is good old hand clapping, foot stomping, gospel music! One of the most prolific gospel groups, in this city that ‘care forgot’, is the JOYFUL GOSPEL SINGERS, (JGS), the region’s most traveled gospel choir.

The JGS are a direct spin off of the widely acclaimed band JOYFUL! (Soulful & R&B styled gospel). In the beginning, the JGS were the original back-up singers for JOYFUL! who made a name for themselves performing at major festivals and big venues in the U.S. and in Europe. By the latter part of 1990, JOYFUL! had developed quite a following of devoted fans in Europe and noticed the need for a more traditional gospel style, especially at Christmas and Easter, and for concerts held in the large European churches. Therefore JOYFUL’s background singers became the JOYFUL GOSPEL SINGERS, an independent and self contained singing group for the more traditional events both locally and abroad.

Their first recording projects were done in conjunction with JOYFUL! projects, which received critical acclaim and are being distributed by some of Europe’s largest distributors. In 2007, the group released their third full-length compact disc on the New Orleans-based Rampart Street Music label titled 9th Ward Revival. Their first Rampart Street Music recording, Take Me, Use Me, was released in 1995 and lead to touring on their own. The JOYFUL GOSPEL SINGERS now tour Europe regularly each year and have become successful on their own merits. They have become one of the hottest gospel groups in Germany, Italy and Spain as thousands look to see them perform in various venues each year.


Alfred Caston….. (Guitar/back vocal)
Albert Mickel…… (Lead vocal)
Jan Randolph… Lead/back vocal)
Angela Dunn… . (Keys/back vocal)
Carolyn Shield . (Back vocal/keys)
Lisa Cole ………..(Lead/back vocal)
Oliver Alcorn ……(Drums)

4/1/2013 – 10/1/2013


17, Trivonianou Str. Mets
11636, Athens, Greece


Monday-Sunday 11.30-19.30: tel +30 210 9213310

After 20.00: tel +30 210 923236


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