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Singing for fun, expression and healing. The Solomon Singers, a women’s choir in Kifissia, will hold its first meeting on Monday, September 26th from 7:30-9:30 in St. Catherine’s British Embassy School located at 73 Sofokleous in Lykovrissi. The group meets every Monday at the same time and location. Repertoire includes Broadway, pop and jazz favorites with performances scheduled for Christmas and early summer.

In these sessions the student is encouraged to discover her voice through relaxation, breathing and vocal exercises in an environment that is fun and stimulating. The act of singing opens the mind and heart to the infinite possibilities of joy, passion and change

Karen Solomon is an American  singer/teacher living in Greece since 1988. She has a masters’ degree in voice education  from the University of Louisiana and has performed internationally as well as throughout Greece. She believes the voice is a door to the soul and that singing has the power to heal us psychologically, emotionally and physically.

For further details on the  choir or voice lessons please contact her at: 210-93-17-420 or 6932-737-916


  1. Kirby Tassos says:

    Wow ran across your site on line and couldnt believe your still in Greece all this time. Must like it. Had to write. I guess you heard Terry Dobson and JacAlder died 2 years ago.. Sad.
    Hope you are doing well. Was in NY 20 years, LA for 3 and Germany for 3. Wild times.
    Im applying for dual citizenship with Greece and may retire there soon.

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