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Relax, have fun and learn to sing!
Women interested in singing can join the Solomon Singers,
a women’s choir that meets in the northern suburbs at
St. Catherine’s British Embassy School in Lykovrissi.
Lessons are from 7:30-9:30 every Monday.

The lesson combines exercises for breath and vocal technique while encouraging each singer
to discover her own voice.
In mid-June the choir will present its summer performance.
Repertoire includes pop, jazz and Broadway selections.
For more details contact Karen Solomon at 693 27 37 916


A Brief History of Solomon Singers…

In January of 2000, a small group of women friends gathered in a nursery school in Kifissia to sing for fun and relaxation. They were few in number but enthusiastic and dedicated to exploring and using their voices.  In May they gave their first performance in the same nursery school… nine women singing some of their favorite songs.  The next year they took their keyboard and passion for song and began rehearsing in LaVerne University where one of their members was on the faculty.

They grew in number to almost 20 and had their first performances of the Christmas season with events such as the AWOG Bazaar,  Athens College faculty party and their own program in the theatre of LaVerne.  In 2003, they changed location again and began rehearsals at St. Catherine’s British Embassy School where they were regularly featured in St. Catherine’s Christmas Bazaar.
Every summer they finish the season with another concert that draws from a variety of styles…pop, jazz, Broadway musical and the ever-present spiritual.  Since the year 2001, they have opened the AWOG Christmas Bazaar and help to start the season for foreigners and Greeks who attend this charity event.  During the last decade they have grown into an excellent performing group who donate their time to fund raising and community service.

Solomon Singers was born from a love of singing and a director’s belief that exploring the voice is an activity that nurtures the soul and its expression.  The women who sing in this group develop not only their individual voices but also the collective voice of women who share a love of music and creativity.  They laugh, occasionally shed a few tears, and generate a lot of positive energy in a world that needs to feel

all the love it can get in these troubled times. There is a healing power in the voice when it is lifted in song and shared with love…



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