Jenny Marketou: “Red Eye Skywalkers”
National Museum of Contemporary Art |

Red Eyed Sky Walkers is a public installation which is presented at the peristyle and the Project Room of the museum and invites the viewer to enter into a dialogue with the work. The visitor will encounter, in the entrance of the museum, ninety nine red weather balloons of which nine have small wireless cameras attached. The cameras record the movements of the passers-by and the activities of the people who frequent this public space. The resulting visual material is projected in real time at the Museum’s Project Room. In this work, the viewer is at the same time a subject of observation and an observer, since, upon entering the Museum, he realizes that he becomes a party to information. The artist combines the recorded aerial images with found material from the YouTube reservoir and other internet sources. The reuse and mix of material, opens up to the viewer a non-linear work with multiple readings, which aims not at a mere recording but at the creation of a visual narrative that extends beyond the reality of the image. Marketou creates a work that deals with topical issues in a humorous, creative and critical vein, attempting to reverse the practice of observation and encouraging the viewers to participate in the game between surveillance and performance.

EMST (National Museum of Contemporary Art)

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