Jean-Michel Jarre live in Athens
Faliro Pavillion (TaeKwonDo) |

Multifaceted artist, not only recording artist, creator and performer of unique outdoor concerts, Jean Michel Jarre is also composer and lyricist of mile-stone hits in his native France and composer of international movie soundtracks. He is also the first composer to introduce electronic music into the sanctuary of the Paris Opera House, with the ballet AOR in 1971. Between 1968 and 1972, after having worked with Pierre Schaeffer in the GRM (Group for Musical Research), he also composes and produces a series of electronic music pieces like The Cage, Deserted Palace

In 1972, he composes the signature music for the International Festival of Magic.

During 1973-74 he composes and/or writes the lyrics for, and artistically produces, major French talent, Françoise Hardy, Gérard Lenorman and Christophe’s two key albums, Les Paradis Perdus and Les Mots Bleus.

He also signs the staging and direction of Christophe’s two concerts at the Olympia Theatre, in Paris.


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The concert is part of Jarre’s first world tour titled “2010” which pays tribute to his friend and famed science fiction author Arthur Clarke.

30/05, @ “Theater of the Earth” (“Theatron Gis”)

Damari Triandrias, THESSALONIKI

01/06, @ Tae Kwon Do Stadium, Olympic Properties,

Paleo Faliro, ATHENS

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