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James Taylor – one of the great British instrumentalists of his generation – has taken his trademark howling Hammond sound to the masses for over 25 years; 2011 sees the band tip into its 26th year, still famed for its upbeat, energetic live shows… with no signs of slowing down.  The band’s relentlessly entertaining tunes take inspiration from the rare-groove style funk, and boogaloo funk of the 60s and 70s and, the band is, without a doubt, one of the most important jazz-pop crossover outfits in British live musical history today.

After the collapse of mod legends The Prisoners in the 1980s, and before moving to Sweden, James recorded some demos with brother David on guitar, the bass player from The Prisoners, and a drummer from down the road… and thus The James Taylor Quartet was born.  From tiny acorns mighty oaks do indeed grow, and it wasn’t long before the first single, Blow Up, had been released, the band were in the studio rehearsing for the Mission Impossible EP, gigs were booked, and the late great John Peel was offering a session.

Skip forward 25 years and JTQ has evolved into one of the most exciting and well respected touring bands in the UK.  With numerous albums to its name, the band’s recorded output is not to be scoffed at.  ‘Prolific’ is an understatement, with albums touching genres as diverse as jazz, funk, soul, rock, and even rap, not to mention a handful of library albums in between.  Each album is an absolute must for any Hammond fan: James’ playing providing a solid and accomplished lead as always.  Live, the band is explosive, with a breathtaking, diverse unmatched back catalogue…

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James Taylor: hammond
Mark Cox: guitar
Adam Betts: drums
Andrew Mckinney: bass
Yvonne Yanney: vocals

7/1/2011 – 13/1/2011

Half Note Jazz Club

17, Trivonianou Str. Mets
11636, Athens, Greece

Monday-Sunday 11.30-19.30: tel +30 210 9213310

After 20.00: tel +30 210 9232360

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