Is the art of Cinema, wearable?
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*Contemporary aesthetic approach of a Legend.*

Is the art of Cinema, wearable?

30 Greek artists ‘meet’ the glorious forms of Michael Cacoyannis, get inspired from their aesthetics and create sophisticated outfits, elaborate accessories and organic beauty recipes.

~Modern vintage jewellery made of lace, silk, leather, semi-precious stones and pearls.
Inspired images of the elegant female forms of Michael Cacoyannis’s cinematography ‘captured’ in glass that become bracelets, boho-chic and ethnic accessories.
~Wire, metal and recyclable materials get reinvented in a unique manner in order to create dazzling jewellery.
~Nature’s ingredients mixed together give intoxicating essences that embrace the body.
Unique clothes become the redolent of mystery and memory.

Electra, Stella, Iphigenia, Marina, A Girl in Black, Alexis Zorbas and Mina from Windfall in Athens have the leading role…

Intense contrast and light being ”shed” on the characters, bring out shadows that reveal strong images, stories and lives.

Exceptional black and white movie scenes, travel through time and emerge once again to get ‘a new lease of life’ by WhiteBox’s creative artists, that focus on the magnificent characters of Michael Cacoyannis’s films, get inspired by their charm and grace, their mystery, their freshness, their drama, their vividness, their wickedness, their strength… creating handcrafted refined jewellery and sophisticated clothes that will be exhibited at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.

Jewels by Jessica, Olga Mergou Antiageing products, Roi by Fotini Kostouli, Razzmatazz (with Rodothea Mengkou-Stefanos Koltsidopoulos), 2A Studio, Amalia, Gaffer & Fluf, Maria Arvaniti, Dolido Jewels, VladiLena, Celebrity Skin, Panos Apergis, Dimitris Dassios, Crochelle, Katerina Karoussos, Periklis Kondilatos, Vassilia, Vasiliki Syrma, {Flu:k}, ElSpirit Creations, Stories to Wear, Chrystal, Maslinda, Strigles Craftcrime, Nikos Glavinas, Poupée, Matalou at home, Myrenia, Nikos Glavinas, ElenLovelyCollections, Athina Korda

Parallel Event – On the occasion of the exhibition’s official opening, on Wednesday, 17 October 2012, at 20:00

A different view in the works of Michael Cacoyannis, an alternative music-visual-dance comment, a paraphrase of the images and feelings that wove the stories and characters of the movies, in the context of the exhibition “Is the art of Cinema, wearable?” – Contemporary aesthetic approach of a legend by Whitebox.

The figures of Electra and her brother Orestis through the lyrics of Nick Cave, the all-time tragic story of Ifigeneia in concurrence with Leonard Cohen’s «the story of Isaak», the gloomy presence of Elli Lambeti in “a girl in black” through Scott Walker ‘s dark melancholy, the fatal inertia of the character’s actions in “ the cherry orchard” blooming in the lyrics of David Bowie, and of course Zorbas, the most famous Greek dance of all times, this time in a handicap, uncoordinated and sad sirtaki, danced over the almost unrecognizable melody of Mikis Theodorakis.

These, and other images and stories of Michael Cacoyannis’s movies coming into life through Vasilis Babounis’s voice and piano, Dimitris Langa’s video art, and the contemporary dance of Eleni Pantazatou, Erifili Dafermou and Xristos Tagridis.

– – bios – –
Vasilis Babounis is a composer, singer, lyricist, sound designer, producer, actor and contemporary artist based in Athens, Greece. Has two solo albums (“ta paraxena poulia den petane”, 2007 and “Egokeros”, 2012 – Avlos records), contributing in the later with lyrics, music, arrangement and artwork. His music is a unique mixture of rock, pop, alternative, electro and industrial genre, mostly in Greek. He has also composed music for various theater plays, music films and jingles. He plays drums, guitar, bass, synths and piano. As an actor he appeared in short films and tv commercials.



Address: Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens
Information +30 210-3418550

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation will host the creative exhibition of White Box and its artists that will present their Wearable Art from 17-10-2012 to 15-11-2012.
Exhibition opening hours: 6pm-10pm.

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