Introduction to the Art of Photography
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The Hellenic American Union, in collaboration with the well known instructor and theoretician of photography, Platon Rivellis, organizes a two-day seminar on photography in English entitled:

“Introduction to the Art of Photography”

The seminar will be touching upon issues of creative photography from the point of view of the beholder of photographs but also from that of a photographer. Issues of technique influencing the artistic result will be discussed, numerous photographs from the history of the medium will be projected in order to analyse the various tendencies running through it, artistic issues concerning photography but also art in general will be  examined. The instructor will show and review photographs by the participants.

Persons of all ages and of every level of photographic knowledge may participate in the seminar. Its aim is to broaden the photographic culture of the participants and to enable them to develop criteria for the evaluation, appreciation and enjoyment of photography in general and of their own photographs in particular. It is obvious that those who are not, or do not intend to be, photographers may also take part in the seminar. Nevertheless, the use of a simple digital camera would be recommended, as this helps greatly in the understanding of the seminar’s content.

All seminar will be conducted in English. Participants should have an upper-intermediate command of the English language to be able to participate. Participants will be given a certificate of attendance.

Duration & Time

December 10 & 11, 2011, 10:30 – 13:30 & 15:00 -18:00


Hellenic American Union, Massalias 22, Kolonaki
Information George Baniokos (210 36800712103680052)

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