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New creation by representative choreographer of Butoh movement

INSECT OF SNOW by Sumako Koseki

“When I was small, I was living in the ruin of the Castle of KANAZAWA, a rural place in Japan. Snow stayed higher than me and I felt like an insect of snow. Later, growing up, I lived more than 20 years in Paris with my son, then back  in Japan now. Two countries which I love sometimes struggle in me.“

The performance is a kind of tissue made of strings from the small snow-insect moving between her two places, Japan and Europe which are so …“far“….

Butoh by Sumako Koseki
Butoh is a movement begun in Japan in the 60’s as “the Dance on the Edge” where expressions and movements find itself by emergency and vital necessity. A way to open our memories inscribed in our bodies and old (reptile) brain and to touch archetypal reincarnation.

Sumako Koseki is a dancer and choreographer of Butoh. Her teacher was Tadashi Suzuki (art of Noh, Kabuki in a contemporary context) and Isso Miura (Butoh). She is also well based in Western and Eastern philosophy and psychology (the University of Tokyo). She worked with many significant European artists (Grotowski, Barba, Leotard, Adrien, Dupuys and others). Her training method based on old Japanese theatre and martial arts related with Ki (cosmic energy) is also appreciated in many different countries

Thursday, 17 February 2011

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