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In magazines and newspapers, on web-pages, the covers of musical collections and t-shirts, on product packaging and the walls of major cities, over the past few years illustration has become a powerful tool for visual communication. Now, many years past modernism, which rejected the commercialisation of art, the borders between art and illustration have become blurred and vague.

This exhibition is a first attempt by LifO to map the lively and unclassifiable world of Greek illustrators. Many have already had illustrations published in LifO, others became known due to their presence on the walls of our city, through advertising and magazines. Participants: b., Yiannis Kouroudis, Lina Theodorou, Marios Perakis, this is amateur, Η.Ο.P.E., SOX, Ark, Fuckin Quits, Bestbefore, Ιndyvisuals, The Erasers.

This first exhibition also includes a special tribute to established Greek-American artist Steve Giannakos, in order to promote a debate and reflection on how art and illustration are linked or are osmotically affected by each other, if they are not identical.

Exhibition curators: LIFO TEAM, Marina Fokidi
Assistant curator: Anneta Papadatou
Assistant of organization: Aggelika Mitsiou


to: 25/07/10

Benaki Museum

138 Pireos street

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