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In concept – choreography by Fotis Diamantopoulos

From Tuesday 17 to Thursday 19 May 2011

Come with me…….. I’m looking for companion. There is plenty of loneliness in this perfect world. What’s up?……. Nothing……. It’s just a depression.

Words, thoughts, findings…,

What makes today’s man, who despite his life’s evident evolvement, has absolutely lost his ability not to express himself, act and react upon his own life’s troubles.

Definitely, a very important factor is the absence of true and genuine contact between his people. We all know it and feel it. Yet, we don’t do the step. We don’t climb the wall to see what’s behind it or next to it. So simple but at the same time so difficult.

I feel that the essence of the problem is right here. Human touch and communication. Near the man and the nature. In the service of ourselves, and our life, exactly as they were given to us (by Mother Nature), and as exactly has been defined by fate, to be given.

Address: Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens
Information +30 210-3418550


Concept – choreography: Fotis Diamantopoulos
Texts Supervisory: Dionysis Spiliopoulos
Music Supervisory: Sofia Tamvakopoulou
Lightings/ Video: Pantelis Mantzanas
Set Design: Konstantinos Theofanis
Shooting – multimedia: Pantelis Mantzanas
Recite: Thanassis Kousathanas
Performers: Elena Kekkou,
Nansy Neratzi,
Konstantinos Papamattheakis,
Yorgos Pelayas,
Myrto Schinoplokaki,
Zoi Schinoplokaki,
Evi Chatzaki,
Fotis Diamantopoulos

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