Headdresses : Souvenirs of encounters with Asian cultures
Benaki museum Main Building |

The exhibition will showcase approximately 100 hats, head bands, fezzes, straw hats, children’s caps, wedding wreaths, diadems, brooches and other head coverings and decorations, basic accoutrements of traditional clothing, that bear witness to ethnic features, and reveal the history, beliefs, customs and aesthetic preferences of the people who wear them.
As souvenirs collected by Ioanna Koutsoudaki, the exhibits map her voyages from the Mediterranean to the Pacific Oceans: Egypt, Palestine, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Turkey, Central Asia, India, Pakistan, Tibet, China, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. They constitute representative samples of local costume, mainly of minorities, who inhabit the aforementioned areas, just like the Naga, along the borders of Myanmar and India, the Kalas in North-western Pakistan, the Miao in south-western China and the Hani/Akha who live in China, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

info and photo. was taken from the official Benaki museum site

to: 06/06/2010

Benaki Main Building, Koumbari str. & Vas. Sofias ave,

metro station: Syntagma

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