Harmony, Intonation and Freedom

An exhibition of paintings by Henriette Engels and Valerie Panayotopoulou

HARMONY is derived from the Greek word, ‘Armonia,’ meaning ‘Agreement’ and this is expressed in art by a mix of blended colours on a palette to produce a harmonic image through the use of colour, texture, line, space, form, balance and movement, all working together in harmony.

INTONATION is the changes in sound produced by the rise and fall of the voice especially when this has an effect on the meaning of what is being said. In painting, the word ‘Intonation,’ can be used to conjure up a description of colour and mood, to promote tranquility or unrest and heighten contrasts by our perception of what is portrayed on the canvas and what the painting ‘says’ to us.

FREEDOM in painting is to not fear experimenting with texture, colour, tone, form and brushstrokes. To be able to create a spontaneous image and to express oneself through art without following rules and to let the mind flow freely. Freedom of mind releases creativity and allows innermost feelings to be expressed on canvas.

The following Art Workshops will be held during the exhibition. All workshops are free of charge. Participants are required to bring with them only the materials needed – see the pinned post below for details of days/times and materials needed.

– Painting With Acrylics
– Painting With Watercolours and Ink
– Techniques For Different Painting Effects I (2 days)
– Techniques For Different Painting Effects II (2 days)
– Collage

Exhibition sponsors : Serendipity Magazine and Art Links


The exhibition supports the charity MKIE Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko, Greece. Anyone wishing to support the charity can visit their website to see items needed (medicines, childrens’ food, etc.) which can be dropped off during their visit to the exhibition. Please note we cannot accept any monetary donations.

We look forward to seeing you!

An exhibition of paintings by Henriette Engels and Valerie Panayotopoulou
OPENING NIGHT: Friday 8th May 21:30-24:00
The exhibition will run from 8th May-7th June, 2015.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-20:00 and Sat-Sun 12:00-18:00


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