Handicrafts & Rooftops

Dearest friends,
As I was reading a magazine (Athinorama 21 – 27/10) the other day, I came across two little articles about two new and very interesting ideas:

The one is about a small shop in Neos Kosmos which sells supplies and materials for handicrafts.

Because we know that some of you like making things and are also quite gifted, perhaps you will find this place appealing to you.

We are sending you their link: http://www.decomagia.gr/

(unfortunately their site is in Greek, but if you need help we are here).

The other idea is related to ecology and quality of life. It suggests ways of making your rooftop or balcony green!!!
Have you heard that before? Well, we haven’t and we loved it. Moreover, the idea has already been applied on some

roofs of Athens, check their site and see for yourselves.

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