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Half-day basic photography seminars
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The Athens House of Photography is starting one-day crash courses which will take place every Saturday of March from 12:00 to 18:00. The purpose of these lessons is to offer people the opportunity to learn the basics of photography in a very limited time of 6 hours per day.
The lessons will be taught by Ioanna Vasdeki and Jeff Vanderpool and will be organized as such:


March 17th: Learning your digital camera

The participants will learn all the basics of a digital camera. The teacher will give practical advice using examples and helping you shoot with your camera. We will try to take advantage of the limited hours as much as possible so feel free to bring anything or anyone you would like to photograph.


March 24th: Introduction to photography: theory and history

The participants will learn the basics of photography History and will be shown work of major photographers. The technical and esthetic rules of photography will be analyzed in order to show how a good quality photograph can be taken with a digital but also with an analog camera.


March 31st: Basic Photoshop for beginners

The participants will learn all the basics of Photoshop. Amongst the topics that will be covered are: tools. Histogram, levels and curves, history, transforming, cropping, resizing and saving images.

The costs are:
40 Euros for one crash course
70 Euros for two crash courses
90 Euros for all three

You can also take advantage of the offer available on

For more information please contact us at or call 6972209171

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