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How can the new commons be mapped on the urban environment? How can their dynamic by located? What is their role in the life of the contemporary metropolis?   The National Museum of Contemporay Art will be hosting from the 1st of December 2010 until the 23rd of January 2011 the project Mapping the Commons, Athens by the Spanish collective Hackitectura. The project is part of the EMST New Commissions 2010 for the Project Room of the museum that is kindly supported by Bombay Sapphire gin.   The new project by Hackitectura, a team which is well known for its urban sociopolitical cartographies will aim to map the commons of Athens in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of professors, researchers and students from academic institutions of the city. In particular, through a seven day workshop, the group will aim to examine what is the meaning of the commons today, what is their role in vulnerable financial periods like the one we are going through and how these elements can be located in the real and virtual space of the city. Taking into consideration the contemporary theory on the commons, the group will seek for  zones of collaboration, communities producing shared resources as well as for  modes of managing and organising the new commons. The gathered material will be used to form the content of an open online map and other audiovisual material which will be presented in the Project Room of the museum and on the internet, on the opportunity of the exhibition of the work that will follow.   The workshop will start with roundtable discussions open to the public on Wednesday 1st December at 15.00 around the commons and the city of Athens.
Invited speakers: Errands, Nelli Kabouri (Panteion University), Giorgos Karabelas(AWMN), Ilias Marmaras (Personal Cinema), George Papanikolaou (P2P Foundation Greece), Dimitris Papalexopoulos (NTUA), Dimitris Parsanoglou (Panteion University), Prodromos Tsiavos (Creative Commons),  Dimitris Charitos (University of Athens), Pavlos Hatzopoulos (
On Wednesday, December 8th, at 19.00 Hackitectura will talk to the public about their work and the outcomes of their cartography in Athens. Right after the opening will take place.   Hackitectura is a dynamic core of architects, artists, computer specialists and activists founded by José Pérez de Lama, Sergio Moreno and Pablo de Soto in 1999. Their practice uses new technologies to create temporary spaces that can escape the formal structures of control and surveillance which are regulated by technological and political means in contemporary society. Inspired by hacker culture, they use free software and communication technologies to subvert established power structures through bottom-up organization and by creating alternative connections between disparate spaces. The group often works collaboratively, carrying out research into the effects of communication and technology on physical spaces, the formation of social networks and how these can be put to work for an activist agenda. Previous well known cartographies of the collective have taken place in Gibraltar, Asturias and Gaza.  

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01/12/2010 – 23/01/2011


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