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This is the largest Droog exhibition worldwide since 2007 and presents Droog, expanding on and discussing concepts such as recycling, re-using, re-creating, clarity of thought, memory and nostalgia, within the framework of a contemporary urban apartment. The purpose is to further draw the attention of the general public in Greece and provide information about contemporary design with environmental concerns, worldwide.

Droog (pronounced dro-och, rhyming with loch, as in Loch Ness), means dry in Dutch, such as having a dry sense of humour. Droog was created in Amsterdam in 1993 by art historian and art critic Renny Ramakers and Gijs Bakker, and developed a unique approach to producing products and projects that build a specific relationship between the individual, the user and the environment. Expanding concepts such as slowing-down, memory, nostalgia, re-use, handmade production methods and the natural environment, they provoke the making of experience and interactive participation, with products and projects that are simple to comprehend, have a purity and clarity in their intellectual conception and standing, narrate stories, with the end-goal of being evaluated and not simply rejected without any particular thought.

source: Benaki Museum

to 25/07/2010

Benaki Museum Pireos Street Annexe

138 Pireos & Andronikou St.
tel 210 345 3111

nearest Metro station: KERAMIKOS

nearest Rail station: PETRALONA

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