Greek Dance theatre of Dora Stratou

We are very happy to announce a new idea we had that we hope you will like: 

we want to take you to the Greek Dance theatre of Dora Stratou to see one of the most original and authentic performances of Greek dances, 

with original costumes, instruments, and singers.



But…..not only that!!!!! 

 We can arrange a DANCE LESSON for you, at a space next to the theatre, before the performance.

The lesson can be 19.00-20.00 and the performance starts at 20.30 or 20.45. 

 So, what do you think?

 The cost: 10euros p/p for the lesson

 performance:   we have obtained 13 invitations for two people each, who will pay 5 euros each instead of 15 euros.

(ie 10 euros for the lesson + 5 euros for the performance)

 The performances are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday @ 21.30

 Saturday, Sunday @ 20.15

 We are suggesting Sunday 15/7/12

contact us:

landline: 210-8077073

let Greece feel like your home

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