Greek Conversation and Culture group

Dearest friends,

We would like to announce a new, more flexible style that our conversation groups will have. We are aiming at groups with a limited and theme-centered context to meet the participants’ specific needs.

The groups will have a theme, i.e. SHOPPING, MOVING AROUND, GREETINGS AND SOCIAL LIFE etc.The participants will meet 3,4 times or until they’ve covered the specific language and in the end they will take part in a real-life activity,ie a visit to the local market, a shop,etc to practice what they’ve just learnt.

The participants will be able to join any group or groups they want, without, of course, any obligation to join all of them. The maximum number of people can be up to 5 or 6 and we can create groups in the North, South or centre of Athens.

For more advanced people, we are planning literature and culture groups that will study or prepare a theatre play, an art exhibition, an event and then watch it.

We hope that with these groups we will cover your needs and make your stay here easier and more enjoyable.

See you soon!

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tel/fax: 210-8077073
cell: 6937073699

5 Replies to “Greek Conversation and Culture group”

  1. I am interested in your Greek Conversation and Culture Group
    Could you please send me info – thank you
    Audrey Juul

  2. hi,
    my name is tundi, i’m a hungarian girl, and i think i would be interested in joining the group, sounds great!

    how is it workin?
    thanks in advance,

  3. Would like more info on the Greek conversation group – when & where?


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