Greece that used to give us joy !
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“It’s the Greece that gave us joy. The Greece that we have despised, that we felt we should be ashamed of, that we have traded with “lifestyle”, explains  Nikos Ikonomopoulos, one of the three world famous photographers that have opened their hearts through their photos and are giving us an amazing glimpse of the country of their hearts.

The photos cover a period of 30 years(1960-1990) and the three photographers, who are famous abroad as well , are Nikos Ikonomopoulos, Konstantinos Manos, and Giannis Dimou.

Description: From all the visual arts, photography is arguably the most accessible to a wide audience.

Time and time again, photography exhibits all across the world draw in huge crowds. Whether hanging on a wall in the house in form of a poster or figuring prominently on some coffee table book, art photography is in most houses. And of course, even if only as an amateur, almost everyone has, at some point or another, taken a photograph.
Yet, surprisingly, Athens does not have an art space that is dedicated to photography and is available to a wide audience. The Athens House of Photography aims to fill this absence by creating a multi-space devoted to photography. The goal is to bring the best Greek and international exhibits, workshops, publications, speakers and events to as large an audience as possible.
We want to make it a center for the professional and the amateur photographer. Providing the complete photography experience: in one space you can see an exhibit, study, follow seminars, buy reference tools and books, talk with other like-minded photography fans, meet and talk to photographers and purchase fine quality prints.
From all the visual arts, photography is arguably the most accessible to a wide audiens.
Wed – Fri: 12:00 – 20:00

Sat: 10:00 – 20:00

Sun: 11:00 – 18:00

Parking: Street Car park

Public transport: Metro Station: Metaxourgio

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Phone: 210 5228696

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