Great Russian Painters 1920-2010
B & M Theocharakis Foundation | Russian Enbassy in Athens |

The Manege Gallery Collection is a unique museum ensemble in Russia. It is housed in the Central Exhibition Hall of the municipality of Saint Petersburg and reflects the artistic history of the city of Petrograd (1914-1924), Leningrad (1924-1991), Saint Petersburg (1991). It consists of an intriguing collection of artworks reflecting the multiple sides and the variety of the events that marked the evolution of artistic production, from the 1920s till the early 21st century: from the Russian Avant-Garde in the beginning of the 20th century to the Socialist Realism, from the left-winged branches of the soviet art to the underground and from the artistic trends of Perestroika and post-Perestroika periods until today’s artistic styles.
Artists featuring among others: Grinberg, Lapshin, Zagoshin, Timoshenko, Krimmer, Pakulin, Proshkin, Shuriga, Churilov, Rusakov, Petrovsky, Klementyeva

The exhibition is under the auspices of H.E., the Ambassador of the Russian Republic in Greece, Mr. Vladimir Chkhikvishvili.

Curators: Marina Jigarkhanyan, Aphrodite Economidou, Efthymia Georgiadou-Kountoura

Opening: Wednesday, December 14th 2011 at 20:00

Duration of exhibition: December 15th 2011 – March 11th 2012

Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00-18:00
Thursday, Friday: 10:00-20:00

Admission: 6 €, 3 € (concessions)

B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music
9, Vassilissis Sofias Avenue & 1, Merlin Street
106 71 Athens – Greece
T: (+30)-210-3611206
F: (+30)-210-3611349

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