Good Movies… that Happen to Be Greek


New York.- By Vicki James Yiannias

“The films this year are very, very good, and we think there is an audience there for quality Greek films,” says James DeMetro, Director and Curator about the 7th Annual New York City Greek Film Festival October 3-16, “This is an exciting year for us… we’re taking some major steps.”

The first major step: the booking of the Ziegfeld, the largest single theater movie house in New York City, and the one with the largest screen. “On October 10 at the Ziegfield is the Papakaliatis movie, “What If” (“An”), which is immensely appealing–a great love story in the tradition of Hollywood romances, but with a Greek twist–should draw in a lot of people. Never before has a Greek film been presented at such large theater in New York, maybe not even in the entire US. We want the night to be special, a congregation of Greeks. And they can bring their non-Greek friends along. I want to see the theater full, people gathering together to celebrate Greek film.”…

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