giving and taking or even…. just giving!
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Shopping does not have to be only a visit to the Mall, Ermou str. or Kolonaki.. It can also be an activity that will not involve money or credit cards, but only giving and taking or even…. just giving!

Here is what we mean:

SPOROS is a non-profit  co-operative that has introduced a new way of trade, give – and – take without money. At their bazaars you can take the things you don’t use and need, leave them there and take whatever you find useful in return.

SPOROS  is at 210  Spiridonos Trikoupi str. Tel. 2103801375

Open Mon. – Sat. 11.30-15.00, Mon. – Fri. 17.30-20.30.


THE RAGMEN`S BAZAAR is held near Gazi every Sunday 6.00-15.00 .You won’t believe the things you can find there! Books, old furniture,  jewels, musical instruments at prices starting at 2 euros.

BOOK RECYCLING GROUP.  They are called “Second chance” and they   love books,  so rather than getting rid of the ones they don’t need, they offer them to others who do,  such as school libraries, prisons,  etc. For further info: http://www.book2chance.gr.

GREEN CAT [ΠΡΑΣΙΝΟΣ ΓΑΤΟΣ] is a shop at 142  Ippokratous str. where you can leave toys, clothes, and other things you don’t need. You will be given a small amount of money and you will be able to buy something in the shop . The shop supports several organizations such as Klimaka, which supports the homeless.


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