Giorgos Koumendakis & DissonArt Ensemble

Unknown Dialects: Eight Music Dialogues

Charting a course a million miles from sterile ‘modernism’ and steering clear of the composing-by-numbers he had to embrace as master of ceremonies for the 2004 Athens Olympics, Giorgos Koumendakis (b. 1959) continues to interact with the different types of music that left their mark on him and shaped contemporary Greece.
In Unknown dialects: 8 musical lectures, he explores the boundaries between tradition and the musical idiom of today, while the musicians of the dissonArt ensemble undertake both the musical and theatrical interpretations in a production on the cusp between concert and performance.

Forget Me for flute (karsilamas and pyrrichios folk dances)
target: none
Jannis Anissegos, flute

Typewriter Tune για μαρίμπα (pyrrichios folk dance)
target: the dream of the waveless lake
Theodoros Milkof, marimba

Typewriter Tune for lafta (lute) (karsilamas and syngathistos folk dances)
target: the dark
Martha Mavroidi, lafta

Typewriter Tune for Tangos a Cuatro, for violin, bayan, piano and double bass
target: five friends in Buenos Aires
Theodoros Patsalidis, violin, Konstantinos Raptis, bayan
Lenio Liatsou, piano, Yiannis Chatzis, double bass

Forget Me Not for clarinet (tsamikos folk dance)
target: the “forget-me-not” flower
Alexandros Stavridis, clarinet

Typewriter Tune for violin (serra: the Pontian pyrrichios folk dance)
target: Iannis Xenakis
Theodoros Patsalidis, violin

Typewriter Tune for santouri (karsilamas folk dance)
target: the wind
Angelina Tkatseva, santouri

Point of No Return for string quartet (zeibekiko folk dance and amanes music style)
target: Marika Papagika
Theodoros Patsalidis, first violin, Yorgos Kandylidis, second violin
Marios Dapergolas, viola, Vassilis Saitis, cello

Composed and Conducted by Giorgos Koumendakis

Directed by Alexandros Efklidis
Set & Costume Design: Petros Touloudis
Dramaturgy Collaborator: Yiannis Svolos
Lighting Design: Melina Mascha
Assistant Set & Costume Designer: En Vit Ekorre

With the dissonArt ensemble:

Jannis Anissegos, flute
Alexandros Stavridis, clarinet
Lenio Liatsou, piano
Theodoros Patsalidis, Yorgos Kandylidis, violin
Marios Dapergolas, viola
Vassilis Saitis, cello
Yiannis Chatzis, double bass

And the musicians:
Theodoros Milkof, percussion
Martha Mavroidi, lafta (lute)
Angelina Tkatseva, santouri
Konstantinos Raptis, bayan

Performers: Petros Touloudis, En Vit Ekorre

5 & 6 July 2010, 21:00

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

source: greek

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