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Gazarte  is proud to present a show which re-creates the legendary Nina Simone performances .  For these performances the incredible Gill Manly will present her personal tribute to Nina Simone. Gill herself has an amazing voice and is a truly great artist. She has been around on the UK scene for 20 years….she is a soulful and blues diva that has a voice able to move thousands.
After an absence from singing for several years whilst she pursued a spiritual trail (singing for the Dalai Lama) and then owning a community café in a park, Gill Manly came back to jazz in 2007 triumphantly, and on more than good form, reminding us all that she was and always has been the London Jazz Diva. Combining smooth elegance and dramatic power developed over time, and the constant search for fabulous melody and lyrics Gill has resurfaced on a level that has been hailed as “sublime” “world class” and “masterful”. Mentored and encouraged over the years by so many of the great and the good, Eartha Kitt, Blossom Dearie, Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan, Tony Bennett, Gill built a repertoire and individual style that is completely recognisable as her own and on first listening captivating. Always bringing freshness to even the oldest and well-worn song.
Her personal reflection on the songs recorded and made popular by Nina Simone add flavour and texture that remind us of the greatness and diversity of Nina’s career and sound. Gill began listening to Nina way, way back in the early 70’s when she raided her neighbour’s  record collection and found something so different and exciting, she played it day and night for a year!!! Gill is delighted to be able to finally pay her own personal tribute to this legend.



at gazARTE 32 –

34 Voutadon str, GAZI


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