Georgia Gremouti. False ID
Benaki museum Pireos str. |
A showing of works by Georgia Gremouti will introduce the series of exhibitions entitled Material Quests, which will be organised by and at the Benaki Museum Shop at the Piraios Street Annexe. 

The group of works presented by the artist, eloquently entitled Change of Identity, using everyday materials which she then transforms, has as it’s starting point an object that is the epitome of our present day consumer lifestyle: the single-use paper bag.
An object that is everyday, cheap, and once used, will be lucky to be recycled. 

Georgia Gremouti is a sculptor and a major representative of applied arts in Greece. For many years now she has used paper, well aware of both its potential and its limitations, the alternatives for experimentation, as well as the intrinsic difficulties inherent in taming its unprocessed raw material.

TO 28/11/2010
Benaki Museum

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