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“The taste they gave me is Greek”

“ Designation of Origin: Greek”,with starting and inspiration point the paraphrase of Odysseas Elytis’ verse “the language they gave me is Greek”, the festival explores the contemporary identity of Greek tastes which establishes its existence in the perpetuation and preservation of a cultural-gastronomic tradition of thousands of years.

The symbolic choice of  “Gastronomy Days”  logo is also characteristic as it is an ideogram representing a barley of Linear B, having its roots in the 17th century, BC. Τhe anthropologic importance of food is proven by the fact that the majority of ancient ideograms usually have to do nutritional habits and preferences. The artwork choice of festival’s main poster is also of special importance. It includes an amazing symbolism, summarizing festival’s identity: the grains of life are thrown on earth just like we do with raw materials and ingredients during the cooking process.

We hope that the seeds we plant in “ Gastronomy Days”, in May 2014, will contribute, as a collective work, to the care and blossom of the Greek gastronomic garden.

A collective effort

Inspired by the fascinating pluralism of the Greek gastronomy and its international impact, Gastronomy Days take place on the 9,10 & 11 May 2014, for second consecutive year, at Benaki Museum- Pireos 138, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Growth and Food.

The planning and the implementation of this Convention is Reason to:, a privately owned Company that initiates and undertakes Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

During the last years, the emersion and the promotion of a new wave of thought and action, focusing on gastronomy, is apparent.

Our main objective is the creation of an annual “must-have” Convention about the culture of gastronomy, focusing on the most representative subjects of the Greek Gastronomic tradition and contemporary reality.

Our collective effort targets to become the reference point of the contemporary Greek creation and production as well as the meeting point of those people, companies, institutions etc that belong to the broad gastronomic field (producers, creators, chefs, institutions, communities, Greek and foreign visitors, gastronomy lovers, journalists, editors, bloggers, foodies, entrepreneurs, business men etc)

The annual concept of the “Honored Gastronomic Destination” constitutes an important acquis of Gastronomy Days and a benchmarking example of how a collective effort of local institutions, people and communities may be transformed into a useful potential for the empowerment of the regional development
Having as target the integrated promotion of our gastronomic civilization and culture of a specific region, Gastronomy Days invite –every year- a special Greek Region, providing a broad potential representation, promotion and participation. In addition, Gastronomy Days offer the possibility of networking with third parties, Based on this parameter, the concept of the “Honored Gastrononic Destination” constitutes an initiative with major significance within Gastronomy Days.

Cyclades-Honored Gastronomic Destination 2014
For 2014, we chose Cyclades, the fascinating archipelagos of tastes and civilization as Gastronomy Days Honored Gastronomic Destination 2014.

In cooperation with Cyclades Chamber, we planned and we are now presenting a multi-dimensional group of events that targets the mapping and communication of the Aegean gastronomic culture.

It’s the first time that such a representative sample of Cyclades’ gastronomy is presented in Athens, with the participation of many chefs, gastronomes, editors, local producers and entrepreneurs, networks, societies, institutions of private initiatives etc.
For Gastronomy Days, the initiatives of Cyclades Chamber regarding the support, and promotion of the local gastronomy and the local products constitute a benchmarking example of how a collective effort by local institutions, businesses, communities and citizens can become a useful tool for the empowerment of the regional growth.

On Sunday 11 May, 16:00, at the Amphitheatre of Benaki Museum-Pireos 138, the 1st Convention of Aegean Gastronomy will take place.

When and Where it will take place?

“ Gastronomy Days”, take place at Benaki Museum-Pireos 138 and Andronikou, Friday 9th May, Saturday 10th May and Sunday 11th May 2014.

Will the festival take place the same hours during the 3 days?
On 9, 10, 11 May, Benaki Museum-Pireos 138 welcome “ Gastronomy Days from 11:00 till 23:00.
The exhibition hours are 11:00 – 21:00

Tickets/Pre-Sales (Sales in advance)
You can be provided with tickets during the Gatronomy Days realization from Benaki Museum Cashier’s –Pireos 138 at the price of 10€.
General Entrance: 10€
Unemployed-students : 7€
Children under 12 y.o : Free
Sales in advance:www.viva.gr for limited number of tickets at the price of 7€ and afterwards at the price of 10€.

BUSES 815, 049, 914, 838, Β18, Γ18
METRO Line 3 (station KERAMIKOS)

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