G. F. Handels’ “Theodora”
Megaron Mousikis |

The well known love story of  Theodora that ends in sacrifice, will be presented at megaron mousikis, conducted by Giorgos Petrou.

Handel finished the oratorio on 31 July 1749, and its premiere was on 16 March 1750. Pityingly, Theodora was a failure and only played three times. There are at least two explanations for this.

First, the theme of persecution may have been too “progressive” for Londoners at the time.

Secondly,an earthquake that transpired about a week before the premiere had prevented some of the city’s nobility from coming.

It was the least performed of all his oratorios, being revived only once in 1755. Today it is recognized as one of the most beautiful of its kind.


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