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1. Attica Zoological Park
AZP opened in May 2000 and extensions are added ever since. It offers recreational as well as educational experiences. You can participate in  an educational program or a guided tour for school children. It is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). It’s really great !!!
For any information you might need (in Greek and English) ,

entrance2.    Adventure Park

Adventure park is a thematic leisure park in the forest.It is accessible to all , younger or older since it provides different “routes” with increasing difficulty/skill levels, and various heights using special safety equipment.  For more info. (in English), go to
allufunpark2153.   Allou fun Park & Kidom
It is the biggest amusement park in Greece. Kidom is for kids 3-11 years old ,
and Allu for 12- 99 !!
It is located in Agios Athanasios Rendis ,Kiffissou ave.& Petrou Ralli. There is a huge parking-lot where you can park for free.
Allou fun Park is divided in three sections .
The main section is the largest ,where you can find many  adventure ,interaction and skill games. Try the panorama wheel for an amazing view ,the roller coaster ,bumper cars, etc.
The smaller section is called Kidomwith games for Kids 3-11 while parents can drink their  coffee. You can also have your children’s birthday parties organized there.
The third is the adrenaline/extreme rides section where you can enjoy the challenge of  4,5 and 6 G games, Shock Tower, Top Spin, and the new Star Flyer.
At Allou fun Park’s entry/reception  don’t forget to ask for the Allu day Pass (15 euros), and Allu food & Fun Pass (19 euros), which provide you with a pass for many games at a lower price. 
And when you get hungry or it’s time for a coffee , there is a great variety of restaurants and cafe’s.
In the region around Allou ,you can also find a bowling center, mini soccer fields, an internet cafe ,many stores and Village Park Multiplex cinemas
Allou’s site is in www.alloufunpark (En)
logo_aidonakia4. “AIDONAKIA” FUN FAIR

It is said to be  one of the best for the whole family




5) at The Escape Center

(open air fun fair)

67a Dimocratias ave.- Ilion

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