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Dearest friends,
The ones who were at the Newcomers’ meeting last Wednesday must have seen our new partner, the chef Giorgos Lekkas and the luckiest of you might have tasted his extraordinary traditional cheese pie with ouzo.
From now on you will be able to taste plenty of his creations and learn lots of his secrets, either privately or in groups during his cooking classes, let him and his team deal with your catering, events, and parties, and generally use his extensive knowledge to get into grips with the Greek cuisine and its benefits.
Our most ambitious plan is to combine excursions and outings with cooking and tasting.These will be planned according to the season and the harvest of each time of the year, so as to learn about local products, where to find them and how to use them.
For example, November and December are the months of the oil and olives, so we want to show you how the oil is produced.
January is the orange month. September is the month of grapes and wine, etc.
So, as you can see, we’ll be very busy! Follow us on this marvellous trip and don’t worry about your weight!
The Greek food is not fattening!
Eating Greek is healthy!

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