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One painting exhibition and seven music concerts are combined harmoniously again this year in the eight events included to the program of Megaro Gyzi Festival 2011, under the artistic direction of Yannis Papaconstantinou.
The festival will be held in the 17th-century old family mansion Megaro Gyzi (near the cable-car entrance in Fira, Santorini), from August 1st until 23rd, with free admission to all events. This celebration of culture in August has been established as an institution in the cultural events of summer in Santorini, attracting the special interest of tourists and residents of the island. For this year three jazz concert are on the program.

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“Sea Wanderings” by Vangelis Tzermias

The Megaro Gyzi Festival 2011 raises curtain on August 1st with the opening of the solo painting exhibition of Vangelis Tzermias, in which the artist presents his new work titled “Sea Wanderings”. The blue of the sea, the intensity that conveys the movement of ships in the foam and the battle of the mast with the wind are exploited allegorically and worked with poetic mood at the painting works of Vangelis Tzermias, giving to the traditional theme of seascapes new life with strong expressionistic mood. The exhibition is organized and curated by Yannis Papaconstantinou, Artistic Director of Megaro Gyzi.

Opening of exhibition: 1st August 2011, 21:00
Duration of exhibition: 1 – 23 August 2011

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The festival’s musical journey begins on 4/8 with Zoe Papadopoulou, a singer who has won the audience with her vocal abilities and interpretation through partnerships in recent years with well known Greek artists. For 2011 she has prepared a musical journey through time, based on the feeling and emotion that good Greek songs know how to cause. She interprets old and latest songs of the soul and songs from her personal discography, in a musical compilation for piano and voice. Together with her on the piano is Sassa Papalamprou.

Zoe Papadopoulou, vocals
Sassa Papalamprou, piano

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Jazz Duo

The festival continues on 7/8 with a unique collaboration, the award-winning jazz duo with Norwegian saxophonist Anders Lønne Grønseth and English pianistDavid Skinner, who are playing together since 1999 as members of the Norwegian jazz quartet Sphinx. Since 2005, they started playing together as a duo, looking for new directions and ways to combine their influences from American jazz, European classical music of the 20th century and contemporary jazz. They are going to present a wide repertoire ranging from works of well-known composers (such as Messiaen, Bartok and Ligeti) to jazz standards, but also their compositions from their personal discography.

Anders Lønne Grønseth, saxophone
David Arthur Skinner, piano

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WEDNESDAY 10/8/2011, 21:00: “ONE OTHER FRIDA …”
Three women bring alive Frida Kahlo

Three women, the mezzo-soprano Katerina Roussou, the pianist Alexandra Nomidou and the actress Magda Mavroyanni, bring alive Frida Kahlo in the musical performance ”One other Frida …” on 10/8. They will approach her through the eyes of her sister and the texts written by herself in her diary, presenting the legend of Frida through a musical journey to Latin America and Mexico.

Katerina Roussou, mezzo-soprano
Alexandra Nomidou, piano
Magda Mavroyanni, narration

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“Eros and Soul”

A unique musical experience will take place on 13/8 from a leading representative of modern pianistic art. Vassilis Tsabropoulos presents in a unique appearance at Megaro Gyzi his new work, titled ”Eros and Soul”, which will be released next autumn. Pianist and composer of international acclaim, Vassilis Tsabropoulos combines -with masterful flexibility- different musical styles and idioms, unfolding his vast range of playing the piano, along with his spectacular compositional skill. Through his outstanding international recordings for ECM, he has created a special and identifiable personal musical style by mixing elements of classic, jazz and ethnic music.

“Eros and Soul” … a passionate journey into the musical world of the master of the piano Vassilis Tsabropoulos, a musician whose name is henceforth identified with the piano.

Vassilis Tsabropoulos, piano

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A special recital of classical music for clarinet and piano by two internationally award-winning exceptional virtuoso soloists of the new generation of rising stars, the Spanish clarinetist Jose Franch-Ballester and the Italian pianist Vanessa Benelli Mosell, will take place on 17/8. Jose Franch-Ballester has won the worldwide famous prize “2010 MIDEM Classique Outstanding Young Artist” and with his fabulous technique and sensitive interpretation has already a significant career with appearances in numerous concerts in USA, Europe, Asia and South America. Vanessa Benelli Mosell is an internationally recognized talented pianist, award-winning for her poetic and sensual playing.

Jose Franch-Ballester, clarinet
Vanessa Benelli Mosell, piano

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SATURDAY 20/8/2011, 21:00: HUMAN TOUCH
The musical journey continues on 20/8 with the jazz trio Human Touch, one of the most famous, with personality and unique style, jazz bands in Greece. David Lynch (saxophones & flute), Stavros Lantsias (piano & keyboards) and Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (electric bass), having acquired their own unique identity in music as soloists, move in a wide range of rhythms, colours and emotional depth. Their direct and communicative music drifts the listener filling him with images and emotions.

David Lynch
, tenor & soprano saxophone – flutes
Stavros Lantsias, piano – keyboards – drums – guitar
Yiotis Kiourtsoglou, electric bass

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The Megaro Gyzi Festival 2011 is concluded on 23/8 with the band Penny & The Swingin’ Cats. They take us into a journey through time that runs from decade to decade, and they invite us to a swing party with much enthusiasm and willingness to dance with remixes of favourite songs of the recent decades in rhythms of swing, jive and charleston, as well as soul and funk tunes of our times. The band will also share with us its own fresh songs and so this year’s festival is going to be completed with the best way.

Penny Baltatzi, vocals & kazoo
Yiorgos Zervos, electric guitar & voice
Marios Valinakis, tenor saxophone
Stathis Paraskevopoulos, bass
Christos Konstantinidis, drums

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Megaro Gyzi, Fira Santorini
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Free admission

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