Festival ANAMESA -“When only Art comes between us”
Institut Français d’Athènes | Instituto Cervantes Atenas | the Embassy of Austria | the Embassy of France | the Embassy of Spain | the French Hellenic School Eugène Delacroix | the Hellenic National Committee of Unesco | the Pompidou Center |
13 – 17 March 2013
A Dialogue. A festival without discriminations.

It’s an Art Festival with a broader concept of the title “Anamesa” (Between us) where young talented European artists, with or without disabilities, amateurs and professionals share the same vision of coexistence: “When only Art comes between us”

The aim is to eliminate any prejudice and discrimination that arise from disability, depressed areas and the city of Athens in crisis, through artistic activities and dialogue around Arts, with a series of dance and theatrical performances and art exhibitions.

The art theme of the Festival is the artist Dali, who was obsessed with the body decay as time passes. The contact with the body, with ourselves and with others… The desire for recognition and the zest for creativity through dialogue so that we all come closer and the sense of peaceful coexistence will prevail between us.

  • 14 & 16/03 (21:00) Performances at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (Booking Required)

Thursday 14 March 2013

Exhibition “Me – You – In Between”: student projects of the Architecture School of Athens, selfportraits of teenagers, video performance from Philippos Vassiliou.

21.00 > Dance and music performances (reservation needed):

First Part / Dance
/ “Dali D’KLIC” – Greek Company Aggeloskoni, French company DK-BEL, “Shades of Blue”
/ “Béquilles et tiroirs” – French School of Vienna
/ “It’s Dalicious!” – Company “Stevin and Keven”
/ “Ensemble” – I. Kourouvani, P. Magendie
/ “Trois petits points” – French School Georges Brassens, Paris
/ “Comme Unique” – Company DK-BEL 

Second Part / Music
/ “Take the music out” – Guitarfor students: N. Giannakakis, L. Chrisomalides, A. Vlahou
/ “Let me imagine” – A. Tragin, N. Conqueso
/ “Better days” – C. Deleplanque, E. Bulbulyan, L. Deleplanque
/ “Alcatraz” – J.C. Hannouche, A. Spyropoulos, N. Makriyannis


Saturday 16 March 2013

21.00 > “ANAMESA MAS” (reservation needed)
/ Introduction: “Bridge” – Company Razina
“Humanit” – Company Magalie Doyon
/ “Anamesa Mas” – Company DK-BEL, T. Koutsourelis, P. Gertsos

From 14 tο 16 March 
/  Photo Exhibition and video installation, VYCA
/  Sculpture Exhibition, S. Souvatsoglou

  • 14 /03 Workshops at Technopolis City of Athens
  • 15/03 Parade and street art Performances in Athens: Syntagma Square, Monastiraki Square, Kotzia Square, Omonoia Square, National Arheological Museum and Pedion tou Areos
  • The Festival is organized by the French Hellenic School Eugène Delacroix and the French Dance Group DK-BEL.
  • The Festival is co-organized by the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality of Athens and Technopolis.
  • Implemented in collaboration with the Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation,
  • Supported by the Athens Art Network, the Athens Commercial Union and the National Archeological Museum
  • Is under the shield of:
–    the Hellenic National Committee of Unesco
–    the Prefecture of Attica
–    the Embassy of Austria
–    the Embassy of France
–    the Embassy of Spain
–    the French Institute
–    the Cervantes Institute
–    the Parliament of French citizens in a foreign country
–    the Association for French Education in Greece
–    the Municipality of Pantin in France
–    the Centquatre
–    the Pompidou CenterYoung European talented amateurs and professionals, with or without disabilities, will take part in a festival with various dance, theatrical and musical performances, art workshops and exhibitions. The main theme of this event is to generate an optimistic message and to further develop the values of the city of Athens. The artistic theme of the 2013 Edition has been inspired by Dali’s work on the perception of image, on the acceptance of our body and by his innovative spirit, which has prophetically influenced the future.
Program/ Schedule


Address: Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens
Information +30 210-3418550

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