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Feast Greece Flavours (Feast of Greek Flavors) 2014
Technopolis Gazi |


In Greece, Spring is a time of “opening” – of awakening the senses and appetites. The taste and quality of fresh produce from Greece’s 120 best small farmers will be celebrated at the Feast Greece Flavours Festival/Spring 2014 – to be held at Gazi’s historic Technopolis cultural precinct (May 9 to May 11).

Now in its third year, the annual weekend food festival showcases the vibrancy of Greek cuisine through a series of special events such as Tasting Workshops and Cooking Lessons from the gastronomic elite (this year’s highlights include Michelin-starred giants Hector Botrini and Lefteris Lazarou, also of Masterchef fame) – all set against the heady aromas of inventive street dishes from only €2.

9, 10 & 11 May


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