Exhibition by Gerakas Arts High School (Kallitechniko)
Within the framework of its cultural scope of activities, the Gerakas Arts High School has the honor to inaugurate the academic year 2011-2012 with an exhibition displaying pupils’ creations held in the “Michael Cacoyannis” Foundation, which was founded by the great artist, who rendered worthy Hellenic cinematography into the frames of universal motion pictures.
In the last week of September 2011, pupils of the Arts High School will exhibit their work from recycled materials. This work was created through research and by the use of different techniques and methods during courses in Fine Arts held at their school
Korina Prevedourakis
Educator – Co-ordinator

The visual arts exhibition with works of secondary education pupils includes painting compositions, collages, case-study on the subject “the human being, motion and rhythm on flat geometrical shapes”, thematic artworks, three dimensional artwork “of a dialogue with contemporary Greek artists”, animations created by the students and video shows based on themes related to “over-consumption” criticism. Moreover it includes a series of fanciful costumes and accessories, made of recycled materials. The realization of this initiative is a result of a systematic study and work with the aim to aware young people about the reuse of recycled materials to a new circle of life with the central idea the awareness of the relationship between nature and human being.

The Gerakas Arts High School is supportive to the artistic and educational act, as well as to the development of creativity on all cognitive subjects, turning every occasion into advantage which have Education, Art and Culture as a content

From Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 September 2011

Time: 18:00 – 22:00

Information at the Foundation’s Box Office

(Piraeus 206, Tavros) and over phone 210 3418579

Mon-Fri 11:00 – 14:00

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

206 Piraeus str.


Hall: Exhibition Area 1st Floor & Foyer Ground Floor

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