Erophile & Erotocritus

CHoROS Theatre Company – Simos Kakalas

Erofili: “I would not declare Panaretos’ passion unbefitting of me, nor reject his treaties, as long as I shall live”
Erotokritos: “Have you heard the news,
your Lord and Master has exiled me to foreign parts?”

illustration of the unique manuscript of Erotokritos (1710)

(Library of the British Museum)

From Erophile, by the “learned and most noble gentleman Georgios Chortatzis of Crete”, to Erotocritus by his fellow countryman Vincenzo Cornaro, which imitated its style. After the end of the Erophile performance, the CHoROS Theatre Company is to hold a celebratory feast: dance, raki and food will accompany the performance of this famous fifteen-syllable-verse poem of the Cretan Renaissance. Anyone who would like to join in – be they a singer, story-teller or musician
– is most welcome.

Direction: Simos Kakalas
Dramaturgy: Margarita Krana
Special consultant – philologist: Natalia Deligiannaki
Set and costume design: Martha Foka
Movement:  Dimitris Sotiriou
Lighting design: Periklis Mathiellis
Production manager: Stella Teneketzi

With: Simos Kakalas, Dimitra Kouza, Elena Mavridou, Giannos Perlengas, Christos Sapountzis
Musicians: Kostis Kyritsakis, Christos Barbas, Giannis Papadopoulos, Charis Porfiridis

source: greek festival

31 July 2010, 21:30

Ancient Epidaurus Little Theatre

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