Eretria: “Insights into an Ancient city”
National Archaeological Museum |

A new exhibition is presented at the National Archaeological Museum, that aims at giving a lively and original image of the lives of people living in Ancient Eretria.

The history of ancient Eretria from its founding to late antiquity will be presented through excavation findings, drawings, models and videos.

The exhibition includes 437 objects, and it’s organized in four sections:

The first section is devoted to the historical course of the city, which has been continuously inhabited since the beginning of the 3rd century BC.

The second section focuses on the daily life of the inhabitants, showing how after a period of decline around the 5th century BC, mainly resulting from the Persian wars, the city was rejuvenated and flourished during the 4th century BC.

The third section presents religious life – worship and temples and mainly the patron god, Apollo Daphnephoros.

The final section focuses on the topics of death and the afterlife.

26/04 – 25/08

National Archaeological Museum

44  Patission str., Athens

Tel:. +30 210 8217724
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