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Dearest friends,
Like we said,our activities this year will be incredible!

Here’s one:
* We are going to Epidaurus theatre this summer (phase 3), 10 or 11 July, to see Aristophanes’ ACHARNEANS, directed by Yiannis Kakleas, assisted by Nourmala Easty.
Here is a short summary of the play by
YANNIS KAKLEAS The Acharnians by Aristophanes
 “While political corruption rules, Dikaiopolis takes on an initiative for Peace, Justice and Meritocracy. Aristophanes the politician is in fine form!” remarks Yannis Kakleas about The Acharnians, while he too seems to be in fine form as he takes on yet another Aristophanean endeavour. Unpredictable as always, he continues to explore the scenic Aristophanean form, with a host of outstanding comic actors in a play which praises the benefits of peaceful co-existence, mocking the warmongers. In an Athens ravaged by the Peloponnesian War, Dikaiopolis commits to the cause of peace. He begins negotiations with Sparta and succeeds in persuading the Acharnians, who fought at Marathon and constitute the largest deme of Attica, to concur. The market place opens and desperation leads to all kind of merchandise being put up for sale: geese, hares, and even maidens disguised as piglets. Cast: Vassilis Haralambopoulos, Christos Hadjipanayiotis, Fanis Mouratidis.
source (click on): Epidaurus Festival 2015, preview (En)

photo from the performance of The Acharnians directed by Karolos Koun.

But this is not all!
* Nourmala Easty will carry out a small seminar (phase 1) for us, during which she will give us an introduction to the ancient Greek theatre, to this particular play, and perhaps read some parts of it to us, explaining the social and political situation of the time. If we need to, there will be a second one.
The seminar will be on 28th of March at about 18.00, as Nourmala will start rehearsals after that. It will be in English. You can attend it whether you join us at the theatre or not, if you are interested in learning about one of the most ancient, but always vivid and contemporary theatres in the world. The duration of the seminar will be about 2 hrs and it will cost 12€ per person. As for the location, we cannot tell you now, it will depend on the number of the people interested.
* Right  before we go to the theatre, we will move to phase 2:
READING  the play in English, from a comic version, or even role-playing!
That way even the ones who don’t understand a word of Greek, will be able to follow the story !
We DO hope you will share our dream of familiarising all of you with our country’s cultural heritage.
please apply at:
or land line: 2108077073
Please let us know as soon as you can in order to decide on the location.



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