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phase 1: Introduction to the Ancient Greek Theatre


Moving on to phase 2: Which might include a surprise !!!

Instead of us describing the event, here are some comments by participants. (We will add more as they come):

*** Good Morning Katerina and Aris,
Thank you for organizing a very special evening.
Nurmala’s presentation was filled with details and information not only about the Ancient Greek theater but many facts about the responsibilities of the current director and each member involved with the production. It was great information about contemporary productions based on Ancient Greek plays written by Aristophanes.

*** Nurmala was delightful, well informed and enthusiastic. We were interested group of theater goers from all over the world with one common bond….. loving Greece and it’s history.
I look forward to meeting this group again at our next meeting before going to Epidauros.

Thanks Katerina and Aris for all your hard work.

Filakia, Paulette
**** Thoroughly enjoyed this peep behind the scenes and am very much looking forward to our visit to Epidavros in July



*** Hi Aris and Katerina,

Thank you for inviting me and sharing the fascinating story about ancient Greek comedy, the Epidaurus theatre and the play “ACHARNEANS”! It was very interesting to hear Nourmala Easty (the assistant of the Director Yiannis Kakleas) talk about how the play is setup and how it is to perform in an ancient theatre. Looking forward to see the “real thing” this summer!

P.S Katerina – your cookies were super delicious! If you ever will consider a career move you can start a bakery J

Kind regards,
*** Hello Katerina and Aris, thank you for organising the evening at your house.
It was great to learn about the ancient Greek theater from an insider. I am very much looking forward to see the play in Epidauros.

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