Enlightenment, more needed than ever !!!

Photo: the celebration of the Sanctification of the Water in Naousa

Dearest friends,

Today, January 6th, is the celebration of the Sanctification of the Water, the Epiphany or Fota , meaning that the water was blessed when Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan by Saint John the Baptist.

The day is celebrated all over Greece with the priest throwing the cross into the sea, a river, a lake or any body of water near each area and young men jumping into the -usually cold -water trying to catch it. The one who catches it is supposed to be blessed all year long.
I remember when I was a kid the priest used to go around the houses of the neighbourhood and bless them with holy water, but I haven’t seen that for some time now.

The point of this holiday is the Enlightenment through the appearance of God (THEOFANIA) and the blessing.

Except for the waters, we can think of many people who DESPERATELY need BLESSING and ENLIGHTMENT here and now,

if you get our meaning …


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  1. Dear LIVIN IT LOVIN IT friends,
    Paris and I remember fondly the great time we had in Andros. This weekend combined cinema, access to the author, tours, and of course, good food with equally good company.
    We look forward to spring and seeing what you two are doing then.
    Warm regards kai CHRONIA POLLA !
    Kathryn Radford (Arnopoulou)

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